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Hosting Services

Hosting Services

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If you want to securely send and receive your private or business e-mails, operate the associated website or need to work with databases, you need a reliable hosting provider. A service provider that can provide your data and communication in a stable, fast, secure and cost-effective way. Code Logics offers you the necessary technology and know-how.

We offer user friendly web hosting service with C-panel. With web-based C-panel, you are the controller of your website. You can create and manage email accounts, manage databases and view site statistics and various other features. We provide various hosting packages that can be customized according to need of customer.

We also various kinds of domains registration services including .com, .org, .net, .info and other domain names. We also offer you free advice for choosing right kind of domain names and remind you renewal of your registered domain so you won’t be missing the renewal deadline.